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Rupert Bergmann (A) és a Max Brand Ensemble (A) koncertje

Members of the Max Brand Ensemble count as equally committed performers of new music, jazz and improvised music. The opera singer Rupert Bergmann has roles in numerous productions and likes to create evening along the lines of a overall concept, such as the Super-Mini-Mono-Opern, an evening of short scenes created together with Ukrainian composer Karmella Tsepkolenko, for this year’s 2days2nights festival in Odessa. The cooperation of the ensemble and the composer makes up the evening, centred around Schoenberg’s Survivor from Warsaw. Instead of the original orchestral version of the eight-minute work, also known as the Holocaust Cantata, originally composed in 1946, a special chamber version written for a soloist singer. Apart from the memories of a survivor of the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto, in German and English, the most well known creed of the Jewish faith, the Sh’ma Israel is also heard with melody composed by Schoenberg. Three pieces from the ensemble’s repertoire will be played this evening, they deal with the meeting of different communities. Further, 14 vocal works shorter in length than a minute, by composers living in Hungary and Austria, and sent on the call from the festival, the ensemble and INÖK, its umbrella organization, all linked thematically to Schoenberg’s work will also be played at the concert. 


<= 1 MINUTE:
Adrian Bohner: Epitath from the 21st Century

Balogh Máté: Hemingway´s Speech

Hartl Bence: Wovon man sprechen kann

Ben Pascal: In mein gar zu dunkles Leben

Czinege Ádám: A Drinking Song

Gulyás Gergely: Microgenesis

Joe Pinkl: Ca Ira?

Szalai Katalin: Last MInute Song

Llorenç Prats Boscà: Sospir de Flor

Szőcs Márton: …és…

Rácz Lőrinc: Helyett

Szécsi Lőrinc: Portükör

Ursula Erhart-Schwertmann: Fluch / remember

Zámbó Jonatán: στήλη (stēlē)


  • Arnold Schönberg: Survivor from Warsaw (Op.46 – kamaraverzió)
  • Julia Purgina: 5pm Istambul
  • Max Brand: „Notturno Brasileiro“ & „French Folk Songs“ – remixed & improvised
  • Alexandra Karastoyanova‐Hermentin: Kastena
  • Christoph Cech: Präambel


  • Dubóczky Gergely


  • Rupert Bergmann
  • Max Brand Ensemble