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Mass for Organ and Electronics

Hans-Ola Ericsson: The Four Beasts' Amen

Hans-Ola Ericsson is an organist, composer, teacher and outsanding, special personality of international musical life born in Stockholm. He taught organ at various universities in Sweden, Germany, and presently professor at the Montreal McGill University. He plays conserts around the world ,and the contemporary repertoire has emphasis on his programs. He has worked with composers such as John Cage, Olivier Messiaen, György Ligeti. Among others, he has recorded the complete organ works of Messiaen. He has laso participated in the reconstruction of historic organs based on the principles of historical music performance.


In the organ mass written for the sanctification of the Baroque organ made for the Örgryte Church, the familiar sound of the historical organs made by Arp Schnitger – Hamburg, Stade, Norden, Cappel, and Lüdingworth – mixes with the never before heard sounds made possible by the tools of electronic composition. The organ enters into a dialogue with the organ sound emanating from the six speakers placed around the church. The organ mass was inspired by the free verse if Olov Hartman, Swedish pastor-theologian and author. 


Dóra Pétery, teacher at the Church Music Department of the Hungarian Academy of Music, and organist of the Lutheran Chruch of Csillaghegy, concertizes regularly as a soloist and chamber musician with various ensembles, playing either on organ, harpsichord or clavichord. In 2014 she won the first rize of the John Cage Orgelstiftung for her interpretation of contemporary organ music. In the course of her training she also  studied with Hans-Ola Ericssonnál in Sweden. She is among the few musicians who may perform the unpublished piece heard this evening, since its author intended primarily for his own performance.


Preludium – “Embers” (For Matthias Weckmann) 

Kyrie – “The Key” 

Gloria – “Wing-mirrors” 


Interludium – “Concealed In Every Stone”

Sanctus – “The Seed”

Agnus Dei – “…Branching Out…” 

Communion – “Scala Angelica” 

Postludium – “Nails”


  • Hans-Ola Ericsson: The Four Beasts’ Amen


  • Dóra Pétery
  • János Bali